Aflac for Individual Essential Coverage

Aflac essential coverage is available to individuals 18-64. It will COVER you beyond the age of 64 but you must ENROLL in a policy before turning 65. Aflac policies pay YOU (unless assigned by you to pay elsewhere). I strongly encourage you to be educated on this essential coverage to supplement other healthcare policies as their value is well beyond the premiums you pay.


Helps reduce the financial impact of a covered accident by providing cash benefits. Wellness benefit is included in these plans.

Cancer/Specified Disease

From diagnosis to prevention to recovery, Aflac is with you every step of the way. Benefits are built to see you all the way through cancer treatment and they’ll stay with you for life after cancer. Did you know that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime? Wellness benefit is included in these plans.

Critical Illness/Specified Health Event

Helps with the costs of treatment if you experience a covered health event such as a heart attack, stroke or paralysis

Aflac for Business

Most businesses today are experiencing challenges in attracting and retaining talent, and overall rising costs. There are many creative solutions and resources for a small business owner to remedy these obstacles. Click below for more information or contact me directly.

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